Obi200 and Asterisk AlarmReceiver app - tones being clamped?

Started by PaulCrick, October 10, 2014, 06:54:19 PM

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I'm playing with an Obi200 and the Asterisk AlarmReceiver app.

I've got T.38 turned off on both codec profiles, only G.711 ulaw enabled, but am not hearing the tones generated by the AlarmReceiver app reliably.

It sends a 100ms burst of 1400Hz then 2300Hz - sometimes one of the tones bleeds through but I don't hear it reliably like I do if I call from a different ATA or SIP phone.

Anyone had any similar experiences or know of any settings that can be changed? It almost seems like the Obi200 is being "clever" and clamping the tones for some reason but I can't figure out why or what to change to defeat this behaviour.



Am I the only guy here using an Obi200 with the Asterisk AlarmReceiver app? I mean, I might be.. but I figured I wouldn't be the only one, given the number of Obi's out there..