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Incoming Caller ID Problem

Started by DaveSwartz, January 31, 2011, 07:56:13 AM

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I used Obitalk to configure my Obi110 with GV on SP1.  Incoming and outgoing calls work well but Caller ID for incoming calls display with a leadiing square block character followed by the 11 digits.  I'm using a Uniden 2085 DECT 6.0 phone and it apparently can not deal with the first character delivered.  As the call is alerting, the square block character followed by the 11 digit incoming number will display but the phone shows a blank for incoming number in its Caller ID list after the call has completed.  Incoming calls via Obion from my iPhone display a correct name and number at call alert and the phone does register the name and number in its Caller ID list. 

Is this a configuration issue?  Should there be a leading character before the 11 digit calling number?


GV callerID has a '+' in front of 11 digits.  Your phone is likely unable to display + character.
We have a firmware update soon (1876) that would remove this + char.


Thanks for the quick response!  I look forward to the update.


We have just posted a firmware release (1876) that would cure the callerID problem on some phones that could not display the '+' sign.

If your device is under OBiTALK, you can see a yellow triangle (meaning that an upgrade is available for your device).  Just click on it for an easy upgrade.


The update fixed my problem with Uniden phones not handling the +.  Now the caller ID name field gets +12345678910 and the caller ID number field gets 12345678910.  This also allows trusted numbers to be correctly identified.


My phones have cid lookup but for calls not in my phone's phonebook the caller ids show +11 digits on two lines.

Is there a way to make it only show 7 digits for my local area code?