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Author Topic: Conversion to OBiPlus  (Read 13992 times)
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« on: March 23, 2015, 12:06:51 pm »

After having my 202 for about 6 months without using it, I decided to take the plunge this past Saturday and set it up with OBiPlus and my 3 1032s.  I decided to go ahead after receiving a promotional email from OBihai that you could set up Google Voice on a 202 and on a 1032 and have them both ring.  I set up my 2 Google Voice accounts on the 202 and them removed the same 2 Google Voice accounts from one of my 1032s.  I then wen through the OBiPlus wizard and set it up with the 1032.  It was very simple and everything worked.  I then deleted the Google Voice accounts from the second 1032 and edited my OBiPlus project and added the second 1032.  Again, everything worked fine.  I then removed the OBI Blue Tooth adapter from a 1032 and added it to the 202, edited the OBIPlus project to add the cell phone using OBi Blue Tooth and everything worked. 

I ran into problems when I added the 3rd and final 1032 to OBiPlus.  I could not get the 3rd phone to work.  It kept giving a 503 (I think) error.  I came to realize that OBiPlus would not allow 3 1032s on the free version.  If I deleted any one of the other 2 1032s, the 3rd one would come up and work. 

I had the 202 set up with port 1 in OBiPlus and then the 3 1032s would be the other 3 users for a total of the allowed 4 users.  The second phone port on the 202 was not used.  OBiPlus did not like this.  I had to take the least used 1032 out of OBiPlus and set it back up the way it was.  I still cannot get the 202 to ring the odd 1032 by using the inboud call routing, but it may not be possible with OBiPlus on it.  The 202 will not let me into it's local web server either. 

With all of that said, I love the way OBiPlus works with the other 2 1032s.  It would be great if OBi allowed the use of a 1032 as the master OBi or a one time purchase of more users.  I am just not ready to shell out 120.00 a year for a home phone system. 
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