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Author Topic: Problem faxing between Obi devices with Phonepower  (Read 6266 times)
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« on: March 26, 2015, 01:18:39 pm »

I have three Obi100 devices (call them "Home" "Office" and "Message"), and separate Phonepower accounts on each.

I have a problem faxing from Home or Office to Message. All are enabled for voicemail fax. The fax call starts well, with the sending end sending the fax inquiry tone every 4 seconds. As soon as the Message end goes to voice mail and hears an inquiry tone, it responds with a fax "screech." But immediately upon hearing this (and I mean less than 1/10 second), the sending end disconnects, there's a 3-second pause, and I hear dial tone again (from the sending fax machine).

I can send just fine from either Home or Office to other fax machines or systems. Other fax users can send just fine to both Office and Message. No problems with voice calls or messages.

"Home" and "Message" are both at home on the same router; "Office" is, well, at the office on a different model router. Verizon Fios at both locations.

Phonepower support is not helpful. They ask about fax baud rates and "overseas settings" which didn't change anything.

It just occurred to me to try connecting with the Obi-to-Obi number, thus cutting Phonepower out of the loop, and see if that works. Duh Fax is part of Phonepower's Voicemail, not an Obi feature.

Other than that, are there settings on the Obi100 I should look at? Or can anyone suggest debugging techniques?

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