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Author Topic: 2 obi202's link/Transfer between each other.  (Read 14803 times)
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« on: April 03, 2015, 10:43:27 am »

I have 2 of Obi202 and 3 Cisso spa303 Phones.

I know that ObiPlus Lite only lets you have 2 Iphones

I solved this by....

I setup the GV number on the first obi202, then use the same for the second obi202(they both ring and accept call, so no problem there)

created a new project, adding the second obi202 and 3rd IP phone on that.

I did link them in the dashboard. but i cant seem to get them to transfer to each other no matter what i try.


is there a way to get the phones to transfer even with them being on different obi202's or should i be going another route to get all three ip phones working together

any help would be appreciated

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