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Title: Yate for free GV on OBi1xx
Post by: azrobert on December 05, 2017, 12:00:17 pm
Yate is a free PBX that runs on Windows and supports GV. It downloads and installs in a couple minutes. After the install you need to configure 5 or 6 files. I can supply sample files. There are less than 30 lines of code for all the files. All code resides on your Windows machine including the plain GV password. It also requires you to change your GV account to accept less secure apps. If anybody is interested, post here and I'll walk you thru the setup.

Title: Re: Yate for free GV on OBi1xx
Post by: N7AS on December 05, 2017, 12:11:58 pm
I am interested in anything FREE.

Title: Re: Yate for free GV on OBi1xx
Post by: vtsnaab on December 05, 2017, 02:07:42 pm
Thanks for posting that info & offer Azrobert !!

Given that the Obi would then depend upon the PC/PBX for its GV connection -seems to me that we must also factor in the need for the PC & PBX to then be running 24/7, yes ??

If that is correct, it would seem better to employ some sort of online PBX for the same function, if PBXes used to be able to do ??

As of this morning both our Obi boxes ceased to function;
No big shock with the Obi110 - but the Obi2xx also quit at the very same time and none of this is endearing me towards Obi anymore except to use them as ATAs going forward.

Any further helpful info will be greatly appreciated.


Title: Re: Yate for free GV on OBi1xx
Post by: azrobert on December 06, 2017, 08:36:54 am
Download Yate and run setup:

Take all the default settings.
Don't check any boxes for desktop ICONs.
Those are for the Yate Client, not Yate Server.

Using File Explorer go to:  c:\Program Files (x86)\Yate
Right click on yate-console and create a desktop shortcut.

You need to create 6 conf files.
Place these file in: c:\Program Files (x86)\Yate\conf.d
Folder conf.d also contains sample configuration files.
Copy the code into Notepad and save as the file name above code.
Do NOT save as txt file
Select file type "All Files".

The Yate folder is restricted.
Assuming you are the administrator on your computer, you will be prompted when saving a file.
You can delete files.
You won't be able to modify an existing file.
You need to change the permissions on the Yate folder to make mods.
You can maintain the files in another location then delete/copy modified file.

Here are the 6 files:







accfile defines the GV trunk. Replace GV_ID and GV_Password. Don't use "" for ID.

regfile defines extensions. You can use any number or name. Add 2 more lines for another extension.

regexroute contains routing rules. I'm only allowing 11 digit outbound numbers, so the OBi must convert 10 or 7 digit numbers to 11. You will get a tone for invalid numbers.

yate-console is used when starting with shortcut. yate-service is used with the service.

Sign into Google accounts.

Click "Apps With Account Access"
Turn on "Allow less secure apps"

Start Yate by double clicking on shortcut you created above.

Yate is also installed as a service "Yet Another Telephone Engine". Alternately you can start Yate by starting the service. Change the service to "Auto" to automatically start Yate when computer is powered on.

OBi1xx Setup:
Service Providers -> ITSP Profile A -> SIP -> ProxyServer:
Voice Services -> SP4 Service -> AuthUserName: 100
Voice Services -> SP4 Service -> AuthPassword: password

Change to the IP address of the computer running Yate.

If GV doesn't work, sign into Google Accounts again and check activity. If the signin failed because of an unknown app, select "This is Mine" then sign into Google UnlockCaptcha to clear error.

Title: Re: Yate for free GV on OBi1xx
Post by: GPz1100 on December 06, 2017, 11:32:04 am
Azrobert, does Yate support oauth2?

Title: Re: Yate for free GV on OBi1xx
Post by: azrobert on December 06, 2017, 12:02:58 pm
Azrobert, does Yate support oauth2?
No. Just plain passwords.