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Title: Can't initiate OBI call or text message from the "new" Google Contacts
Post by: RCarlsonMD on March 11, 2019, 03:33:26 PM
Now that we have lost the option to revert to the "old" Google Contacts interface, there doesn't seem to be a way to initiate an OBI call or send a text from the "new" Google Contacts. Opening a contact and clicking on the phone number only offers the ability to make a Hangouts style call from the desktop. There's no longer drop down option to send a text or make a call via OBI or Callcentric.

I can't believe how Google consistently shoots themselves in the foot with these asinine "improvements" to their products by removing previously useful features! The technical quality of the calls and texts is fine, but the user interface, especially on Google Voice and Contacts web and iOS apps is an absolute travesty! Every time they change something it requires more clicks to do the same work, or a feature has been removed altogether.

Somebody really needs to write a third party desktop app for Google Voice and Google Contacts. I'm sure there's some high school kid somewhere that can do a better job than Google does for their own products.

In the meantime, has anyone found a workaround to use Google Contacts and Obi via Google Voice together again?

-- R Carlson MD