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Title: what happened to my OBI200 can someone help
Post by: Jemty on October 07, 2021, 04:12:26 AM
I have have 4 obi200s.. 2 of them are working well in the canada. I have 2 in the Caribbean.
I just noticed both that are out the country are offline.
I removed both from my obi talk account and tried adding it back like I did the first time when setting them up using the **5_______ method. Another screen usually pops up and I am able to see info about the Obi200 but nothing shows up. Immediately after doing the first step. I am able to make calls to and receive calls just fine, but after a few minutes it no longer works and looks like there is no phone added to my obitalk.
Can someone give me some advice on how I should proceed?

สมัครสมาชิกแทงบาส (แทงบาส/)
thank you