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Title: Two Phones and Two Accounts Merge?
Post by: TheFoxRocks on April 28, 2022, 02:06:42 PM
Hey guys,

I was hoping this community could give me a couple options with my issue. I setup two Obi 1022 handsets. One for me and one for my father. My father recently passed away and I have been in his office (where his phone is) taking calls on his phone. They are both setup with Google Voice. To make a long story short I would like to transfer my fathers Obi number over to my Google Voice. Is that possible?

I have absolutely loved the phones overall so far. Just I would like to keep my fathers number the same just when people call it, it forward to my cell phone (like it does now) and people to be able to potentially leave a message in the same place. Right now I am logged into my fathers account and getting his messages there but guess I am going to eventually have to merge them together.

Also I use them as business phones as well. I saw a guide somewhere that I read where you can pay a small fee with a third party and have your name actually appear on other peoples caller ID when you call. I would love to get this because right now the caller ID that shows up is a distant location and people usually just assume it is spam so I would like to be able to place my name there.

Any help is greatly appreciated in advance. I have been thinking about just deleting my fathers account and duplicating it as my main number but right now I like the idea of keeping them separate.