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My local Web portal shown no information ??

Started by sportflyer, August 04, 2015, 08:08:16 PM

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I have been using Obitalk for my firmware upgrades.  My Obi100 is out of warranty , so no more firmware upgrades unless I pay the $10 :(

My firmware is and I cannot use Google Voice . ***6 indicates no firmware update available , yet the latest firmware is 2872.  Can I and is it safe to update manually ? I am afraid to brick the unit .

I  logged into my local web portal ( for the first time ) and nothing shows up . Every page is blank except the page to update software .  Why is this ?



There is a known issue with the latest versions of the Chrome browser. If that is what you are using try another browser.

Yes it is 'safe' to update manually. Flashing a new firmware to any device is never 100% free of risk.


Thanks . Local web portal works with IE .