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New Internet provider.. lost OBi sign-in, Can't reset HELP

Started by 1jakes, June 09, 2015, 01:50:37 AM

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I just changed internet providers from ATT to Charter. Got new router too. Lost OBi/Google Talk phone service that's been working for years during this change. Can't find or remember original email I used to sign-up, or password to do factory reset. I created a new account but can't comply with factory reset because dashboard doesn't have my device OBi# to delete....just some soft phone # that doesn't correlate to any number I have.
1) any way to get my account data by providing my OBi 9 digit number? or
2) if unable #1 above, using my new account I just created, do a factory reset even though OBi# dashboard/devices "soft phone #" doesn't match my actual OBi#?


Your situation is a bit unclear, but you probably had an OBiTALK user ID at one time, and your OBi device was assigned to that account.  You've forgotten the account.  You created a new account.  Ignore the softphone -- it has nothing to do with your issue and is just there if you want to use it with Obihai's software VoIP phone clients.

Follow the instructions to factory reset your device by using a paperclip (start at step #2).

Then, follow the instructions on the OBiTALK portal to add your device, which will involve dialing **5 and a random number from the attached telephone.

It will either work, or not.  If it fails, open a trouble ticket with Obihai.  If it works, report back here.


Thanks....I'll try that. Yes, I did have trouble clearly stating the problem so I wrote the duplicate post.


If/when you get the device added back onto the portal, you will likely have some other issues trying to get Google Voice to work, so come back here after the device is on your portal page.