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Menu choices do not work

Started by JDDD, June 28, 2015, 07:53:11 AM

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Hi All,
I have bought a Obi202 from  Allmost everything works. I have only a problem when connecting to a corporate with a automatic key response system.
I'm connected to the service, dial/push a button on the phone, but nothing happens on the other side. So my DTMF tones are not recognized by the service.  I've tried several services, all not working.
Picked up my Linksys SPA112 and this is working in the same conditions.

What do I have to change in the OBI202 to make it work.

If you need more info, please let me know.
No OBI equipment yet, but trying to buy obi202.


Try the different DTMF options here:
Service Providers -> ITSP Profile X General -> DTMFMethod

Use OBi Expert to make the change.


Service Providers/ITSP Profile A (and/or B as appropriate)/General/DTMF method.  Try the other possibilities than the one your Obi202 is already using.


Thanks for helping to solve this problem.
I tried all,  Inband, RFC2833, SIPinfo, SIPInfo+RFC2833,  (includes Auto)
Also tried all together with X_UseFixedDurationRFC2833DTMF checked (independently).

Not solution yet.
No OBI equipment yet, but trying to buy obi202.


I assume that your Linksys is under the same conditions. Same phone,  same ITSP, same dialled number etc.

Set the OBi to Inband,  uncheck the fixed duration (though I think that is irrelevant with Inband) and slightly raise the level of the audio signal the OBi sends. Physical Interfaces / Phone Port / Port Settings / Channel Rx gain. (Yes,  Rx as it is the signal received by the OBi from the phone.)

No promises.  :(


Hi drgeoff,
I went back to basics (reset allmost all to default), it was not the DTMF what was causing issues. The OutboundcallRoute is.

Resetting this one to default the problem disappeared, set back in, reappeared.

Not the OBI202 was causing the problem, one of the SIP providers was. So I'm not using this SIP provider anymore for menu calls.

Problem solved.

Thanks all
No OBI equipment yet, but trying to buy obi202.