Started by goldie26, July 20, 2015, 05:07:25 AM

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Anyone know why the obi110 displays (ALG=???) against SP1/2 status
Calls are working fine though.

Registered (server=; expire in 60s)(ALG=???)


I haven't seen that message, but here's some background/explanation:

Many consumer internet routers include a (essentially useless) feature called "SIP Application Layer Gateway", or ALG.  There's no good reason to have it enabled, and it can interfere with two-way audio during SIP calls.  OBi may have some sort of test that attempts to identify that condition, and it can't tell what the state of the setting is, in your case.

As long as you don't have any problems with either party hearing the other, then no worries.  If you are curious, you can plow through your router's settings to see if it shows a setting for ALG, and if it does, then disable it.


Adding a data-point to what I can see is a very ancient thread in case someone else stumbles across this issue.

I just updated my Obi 200 to OBi2xx-3-2-2-8680EX.  So as to clean some things up, I deleted and re-installed my cloud-based PBX to SP3.  It is registered, and works fine, but reflects the following:

SP3 Service Status
Parameter Name   Value   
Status   Registered (server=XXX.XX.XXX.XXX:5060; expire in 51s)(ALG=???)

I, too, have never noticed that reference to ALG before.

I'm familiar with ALG, and that it breaks VoIP, and I always turn it off on my router (currently a Netgear Nighthawk).  I just verified that such is the case:

NAT Filtering   Disable SIP ALG [checked]

Everything works fine so I'll ignore the reference.  But, FYI for all...