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easiest way to replace a broken obitalk?

Started by 2buc, July 23, 2015, 05:09:52 PM

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I have an obi200 which does not produce a dialtone on the FXS port, after a recent thunderstorm.  The OBI portal sees it fine over the Internet. 

I bought a replacement unit (same model), and am wondering if there is a simple way to swap the broken one out.


That depends on how thoroughly fried the old unit may be, and also, which Internet Telephone Service Providers (ITSPs) you are using.  If you are using one or more SIP providers which you have configured yourself, or via the OBiTALK provider wizard, you should be able to back up and restore their settings via the devices' local web pages (passwords are not backed up, so you'll need to enter the SIP passwords manually).  If you are using Google Voice, or a managed service provider via the Portal (e.g. PhonePower), then you'll need to configure the device via the portal after restoring the rest of the settings.

Can you get to it on a web browser by entering its IP address and logging in (the default user name and password are "admin", if you haven't changed them)?

If you can log into the device via its local web server, then go to the "System Management" section, select "Device Update", and then select "Backup Configuration".  Select "Use OBi Version", then click the backup button.  Note where you saved the file.

See my first screenshot.

Log onto the OBiTALK portal,

Note that there have been intermittent outages on the portal that may prevent portal-based access to some OBi devices.  That means, you may or may not be able to complete the following steps today, until the problem is resolved.

Find and delete your dead device on the portal.  Then, click the "Add device" link to add your new device, if you've not already done so.  After it has been added successfully, enter OBi Expert on the Portal, and select the option to import the configuration file you saved previously.  Finally, configure Google Voice or your other managed service provider as needed.

See my second screenshot.