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Moved my Obihai to a powerline network adapter; need help to reconfigure?

Started by eagleram13, August 09, 2015, 10:23:46 AM

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I moved my Obihai to a powerline network adapter so I could plug the Obihai into my house phone system to activate all the phone jacks in the house. 

This worked as far as I have a dial tone  on all the jacks but cannot receive or  make calls.

In the Obitalk portal the notification on by GV number states offline in red. 

Any help as how to reconfigure the obi to get reconnected?   ???

Thanks in advance.


If your OBi was working on your network, and you simply reconnected it to your network via a different medium, it should continue to work as normal, yes?

Which OBi do you have and what jack are you connecting to your network adapter?  Have you tried connecting a PC to that adapter to confirm the connection is healthy?  Can your browse to your OBi web interface from a network PC?

You might want to get it working on your network first with a single phone connected directly to the OBi before connecting to your house wiring.  One step at a time.



An OBi will give dial tone even without a working network connection.

Take the OBi back to where it was plugged directly into the router.  Check that it still works. If not,  diagnose and fix there.  Then put your powerline units between OBi and router.

Be sure that any telco line is completely disconnected - not just 'service ceased' - before connecting the OBi to the house phone wiring. Otherwise you risk permanent damage to the OBi.


Thank you!

Yes, I put the obi 200 back in its original location directly to the router and it works fine.

I did disconnect the line coming in before connecting the obi to the house wiring.

I did test the connection with a computer.  I'll retry and take one step at a time.