Improved descriptions on the "OBi web page" and the "OBiTALK portal"

Started by QBZappy, June 13, 2011, 09:57:27 PM

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Some descriptions on the OBi unit and web portal are completely useless when it come to explaining what its intended purpose or correct configuration for that particular field should be. I don't expect the User guide to be reproduced here, however some descriptions are difficult to understand. I have come across one good one that can serve as a model. Let me contrast that to the one I think is the number one source of "useless" newbie confusion simply because it is not explained properly. If you have decided that configuration is either done via "OBi web page" or "OBiTALK Portal", but not both, then make it obvious in that descriptive field. At that moment while the user is hovering over that feild he will need to make a decision that I think many new users overlook.

Are there any other descriptions in the OBiTALK portal or OBi web page others think need improving?
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