"Emergency Service Call Routes to:" Add the number yourself

Started by kccasey, September 08, 2015, 12:41:56 PM

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I know what the local 10 digit phone number would be if I dialed 911. 
I would like the ability to input this information myself.  Of course the Same disclaimer should be provided that 911, e911, etc would not be guaranteed or provided, like the disclaimer that is provided when you setup a GV number.  Obviously, it would not be anyones responsibility or liability if a user enters in the wrong information.  I would just like the ability to input this info myself. 

As a way around, I've programed the number as speed dial 91.  close enough I figured.  however, as a human being, I'm already wired up to automatically dial 911 for an emergency.


Physical Interfaces -> Phone Port

Add the following to the beginning of the OutboundCallRoute

Change 8005551212 to your emergency number.
The above will remove 911 and replace it with 8005551212.
Use OBi Expert to make this change.


Just to be clear with your instructions, you mentioned to add to the BEGInning of the outboundcallroute.  So just add to it, don't delete any other scripts that are already populated in that field?

Also, I have the Obi200, which has 2 phone ports.  I'm assuming I should add this string to both ports?


Don't delete anything, just add the code like I said.
The OBi200 only has 1 phone port.
You must have an OBi202 and you must add the code to both phone ports.


I initially logged directly into the Obi Interface through the IP address and everytime I made the change to the CallRouting, I reboot as instructed.  When everything reconnects, I dialed 911 to test, and I receive a prompt that the call could not be completed.  I relogged back into the Obi through IP address and I noticed the script that I added was removed. I updated and rebooted twice and the scripting still gets removed.

I then logged into obitalk.com and performed the change that way, and the scripts stuck this time and I tested it out and everything works as expected.

Why would I not be able to make the changes directly to the Obi Device via it's direct UI IP interface?
What did I do wrong?

This is the same scenerio applies when changing the admin password to login to the Obi.  I was obviously able to change it when accessing through obitalk web interface.

What is the issue with the Obi that you basically are required to go through the web portal to make changes to the obi device?