Recent issues with Google Voice - call quality

Started by asloanie, September 22, 2015, 08:40:17 AM

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I have been using the ObiHai for 2 years now.  I was using the 1032.  A few weeks ago call quality went into the toilet and I thought the phone itself might be an issue.  I bought a new 1022, but am having the same issue.

I have ATT uVerse and have the phone plugged in directly to the ATT router (no wifi) .   I am the only one using the internet at my house and have 5MBS down and 1.5 up.

Have there been any changes recently to OBI and google that would cause call quality to drop off so much?



No, there isn't anything on the Google Voice or OBi side that would cause that.  I have a 202, 1022 and 1032 all configured with GV, and they're working fine at the moment.  It is very likely a problem with your internet service.   Raw speedtest numbers don't diagnose the problem; other factors such as jitter and packet loss will cause call quality problems.

If you want to do some testing, use the G.711 CODEC VoIP test at this website:

A score less than 4.0 spells trouble, and you'll have to duke it out with your cable company.  Anything in the path between their backbone and your house is suspect, often a corroded connector, or coax that is damaged by moisture, or being crushed, crimped, or chewed by a rodent.  You may also have a bad cable modem.  Good luck!