OBI 100 vs 200

Started by zoom38, September 26, 2015, 09:50:24 AM

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I currently have an OBI100 and as I remember it (been a while) with my primary line as my 911 line and the secondary line as my regular phone line (requires dialing of area code).  If I want to add a third line, what would be the right thing to get?  Would the OBI 200 be the right device to upgrade to?  Or am I doing something wrong and can the 100 be used in this situation?



The 200 would be the right answer (my opinion).

It has 4 SP's (VOIP/ITSP provider slots).

If you need a 2nd analog phone, the 202 is the answer.

The 2xx's have a better processor, and some more features (WebRTC (CallOBI)), etc.


You might be able to get a 3rd line on your OBi100. You can have 2 providers on a SP trunk by defining one as a Voice Gateway. You need 1 of the following.

Your 911 service is a SIP provider and doesn't require registration.


Your new provider is outbound only and your 911 service is a SIP provider.

What are your current providers and which provider to you want to add?