With many phone numbers, OBi202 + Google Voice = "We could not complete your c..

Started by EFG5, October 14, 2015, 10:30:15 AM

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My OBi202 + Google Voice always works when I call some phone numbers. For example, every time I dial 217-525-5000 I'm always connected to this information line a pubic library runs.

But with many, many other numbers, like 312-209-xxxx,  here's what's happening:
- Using the Google Voice app on my smartphone, I can connect to 312-209-xxxx
- Also, I can connect to this number from my Google Contacts web page by clicking "Call with Google Voice" then clicking "Phone to call with Google Talk"
- However, every time I dial 312-209-xxxx with the OBi202: first I hear a pause, next I hear a short ring, then next I hear a female voice saying "We could not complete your call. Please try again."

In other words, with many phone numbers:
- OBi202 never works (female voice says "We could not complete your call ...")
- App for Google Voice works fine.
- Clicking "Call with Google Voice" then "Phone to call with Google Talk" from the Google Contacts webpage also works fine


For example, just now:

On the phone plugged into the OBi202 + Google Voice:
- Dialed 202-332-5266 and got "We could not complete your call . ."
- Dialed 217-525-5000 and connected just fine...

Then from a computer:
- Went to the Google Contact webpage for this number
- Clicked "Call with Google Voice"
- Little window pops up saying "Call 202-332-5266  Phone to call with Google Talk"
- When I click "Place Call", the phone plugged into the OBi202 rings, I pick it up and hear the number 202-332-5266 ringing, and the call connects.


Where are you located?

How did you set up your OBi to use Google Voice (did you recently use the OBiTALK portal to do it)?

I recommend that you factory-reset your OBi box and start over, and follow my instructions exactly, here: