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Generic Service Provider won't accept INVITE to incoming phone number

Started by opencode, November 11, 2015, 09:39:23 AM

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I'm using a service provider (Flowroute) that uses the following format for INVITE:
INVITE sip:incoming_phone_number@host:port SIP/2.0
For example:
INVITE sip:12135551212@

It looks like the Generic Service Provider template on OBiTALK isn't compatible with this kind of INVITE request; instead, it expects:
INVITE sip:authusername@host:port SIP/2.0

For Obi200:
OBiTALK sets X_EnforceRequestUserID (which requires the incoming INVITE request to match AuthUserName or X_ContactUserID) and does not set X_ContactUserID. Can X_ContactUserID be set to the URI value when using the Generic Service Provider on an Obi200?

For Obi100:
Since X_EnforceRequestUserID apparently isn't supported, OBiTALK instead sets X_InboundCallRoute to {>authusername_from_template:ph} instead of ph. Can X_InboundCallRoute instead be set to allow either authusername or URI in incoming requests? I'm not sure what the exact syntax is for this field; maybe:

Another option would be to add a checkbox on the Generic Service Provider template indicating whether INVITE requests have authusername vs. incoming phone number, but maybe that's too much to ask template users to know.