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OBI 200 - REN implemented?

Started by ChuckG, December 09, 2015, 04:57:38 PM

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I chose the OBI 200 based the the specs shown here:

Note that it states that the OBI200 has ringing voltage of 55-85V and an REN of 5.

Great!  I have a couple of older WE/Bell 2500 series desk sets.  But no ring at all--I've tested them on POTS and they're fine.  REN for each is 1.0.

Any ideas?


Hi:  how old is "older"?  The original WE 2500 phones had an electromagnetic bell ringer, dating back (more or less the same design) to the earliest rotary phone ringers.  The later 2500s and their clones had electronic ringers.  The bell ringer may require more voltage to ring than the OBi's default setting of 70VAC.

You can bump it up to 82VAC by going into expert configuration mode, either via the OBiTALK portal or the device's local, embedded web server interface.  You need to remove the check marks from both boxes to the right of the setting, before it will allow you to change it.  If increasing the voltage doesn't work, you can also try changing the waveform to trapezoidal, but I doubt that's the issue.

I haven't tried ringing a 2500 phone in a long time, but I've got a 1947 WE 302 phone, and it will ring using the default 70VAC sinusoidal signal.

If you can't get your setup to work, and this is the only reason you bought the OBi, and you don't care about the OBi's many advanced features, you can buy a Grandstream HT-701 ATA, which I've tested to work on bell ringers.  The latest firmware for that ATA also has adjustable ring voltage.


Here's a screenshot of the expert mode setting section for the phone port...


Yes, this is the original animal--brass bell and all.  Fortunately, it's touch-tone, as are the Trimline (phones in the house.  (The darned things just work).

I'll bump the ringing voltage and see if that helps.


Do let us know the results of your testing, since this topic comes up occasionally.  Good luck!


In my phone port section it doesnt have these settings,  is there a show all setting or something I am missing?


Quote from: ddalton on September 26, 2023, 11:22:19 AMIn my phone port section it doesnt have these settings,  is there a show all setting or something I am missing?

That is hard to believe. Both the portal and onboard config server should show those, as per the attached screen shots.  Post a screenshot of your Phone port settings page.