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Advice on config for OBI 202 and Google Voice

Started by dmont, December 13, 2015, 12:59:49 PM

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I just bought a Obi 202 and want to set it up with 2 lines (1 main and one fax line).
I am replacing a Comcast Voice phone and have started porting the phone number to
an ATT PhoneGo so that I can then port it to Google Voice.
I currently have a Google Voice number already, but I want to use my ported number as my main one and keep the current GV number for my fax.

What is the best way to configure ?

Do I need 2 separate GV accounts ?
Could I just port my number to the same account and then keep the current number (after paying for it) and end up with 2 numbers and one GV account?

If I understand correctly, there is a new way to authenticate a GV account where Obihai does not need to have my username/password for my gmail account. That seems to be much better in terms of security as I have a lot of information stored in that account and want to reduce the exposure.
Is this new authentication method secure ?

Thanks for helping me.


Hi there!

You've got several questions.  Regarding using two different inbound telephone numbers, if you are porting the GoPhone number into the same single Google Voice account that already has a Google Voice phone number, then be aware that this is not equivalent to having two different lines of service.  One number will become the primary inbound number, and the other will become the secondary inbound number.  Whichever number is designated as primary will be the one displayed as your caller ID on outbound calls.  You can swap primary/secondary number roles on the GV Settings page after the port is completed.  If your first number was a freebie from Google, you'll have to pay an additional $20 to keep it as permanent; otherwise, it'll be deleted after 90 days.

All inbound calls to either number will ring the same forwarding destinations (Chat/OBi, and any 10-digit telephone numbers you've added as forwarding numbers).

So:  that setup isn't ideal for your voice/fax use case.  Instead, you'd want to have the voice call number on one GV account, and the fax number on a different GV account.

Have you already submitted the number port request?  If so, you may be able to cancel it.  If it's too late, then you'll need to complete the port and then take some steps to move one number to another account.

Then, you'd set up the OBi device with GV #1 on SP1, and GV #2 on SP2, thus creating two completely different lines of service.  You would then map SP1 to the 202's phone line 1 jack, and SP2 to the 202's line 2 jack.

Regarding security:  yes, GV on OBi devices no longer stores account passwords.  During the setup procedure, using the OBiTALK portal, OBiTALK will send you to your GV account, where Google will ask your permission to share just the Chat function with OBiTALK.  When you agree, a secure access token will be exchanged with your device.  You can revoke this permission any time via your Google account dashboard.  This does not grant access to email, for example.


Thank you so much for your detailed help Steve.
Greatly appreciated.

I think I will just go ahead and only set up one line however. Since I don't get that many faxes,
it does not seem to justify the extra complexity of taking care of 2 GV accounts.

The new security (now that Obihai fully supports GV) makes it a lot better and less of a hack to set up the obi device.

Thanks for all your help on this forum.


Glad to help!

Since you spent the money on a OBi 202, which has two physical telephone ports, vs. a 200, with just one port, you might want to reconsider, and go ahead and create a separate, new GV account for your ported-in number.  As long as you use each account to place a call or send a fax every few months, they'll never expire, and all you really need to do is make sure you keep a copy of the user ID and password for each account, as it is impossible to recover an account without the credentials.

Up to you, of course...