Anveo e911 w/Ring.To: Register Failed: No Response From Server

Started by LuckyBug, December 14, 2015, 08:54:52 PM

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Hi. I'm using ObiTalk to configure my Obi200. Everything was fine for a while. Now I have an error: "Register Failed: No Response From Server" for the "Anveo E911 for RingTo" provider on SP1.

I clicked the gear and resubmitted, but still no luck.

I went into expert mode and looked at SP1. It shows status of "Register Failed: No Response From Server (server=; retrying)". PrimaryProxyServer and SecondaryProxyServer are blank.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance...


Of course it seemingly recovered on its own after 14 hours. Although it could have been my clicking the gear icon in ObiTalk and re-submitting. Status now says "Registered (server=; expire in 329s)" (i.e. same IP as before.)