Adding VOIPo Service to OBi Device - SIP Password

Started by mobilelawyer, December 27, 2015, 12:12:10 AM

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Don't disconnect your VOIPo- furnished device before obtaining your SIP password.

The SIP password is NOT the same as the password you use to login to your VOIPo web console. When I received my Obi200, I read the setup instructions under the assumption that the passwords were the same, and therefore kept getting a VOIPo registration failure message - 401 Unauthorized.

After repeatedly getting this error when trying to register the device with my VOIPo account, I noticed when I logged into the VOIPo console, under the features tab for Connected Devices, no device was shown to be connected. I then disconnected the Obi200 and got out my VOIPo-furnished Grandstream device and re-connected it. After getting all the green LED's showing I was connected to VOIPo on the Grandstream, and verifying the connection with a test telephone call, I logged into my VOIPo web account and checked the "Features" tab of the console. There was a new tab visible called "Softphone/BYOD". When I clicked that tab, there was an option with a drop down box to enable the feature. When I enabled the feature, I was instructed by the console that the SIP password would be emailed to the my VOIPo registered email address. I got the email a few moments later.

Armed with my correct SIP password, I disconnected the Grandstream, re-connected the Obi200, and logged into the Obitalk console. I went through the process to add the VOIPo service and instead of getting the 401 Unauthorized message, I got a new "service not configured" message. This was progress, I thought.

Using the Obitalk instructions, I dialed "***" on the phone connected to the Obi200, and got to the automated voice menu. I dialed "1" for the web address of my Obi200, logged into its web interface using the provided default login and password provided in the instructions, and simply re-booted the Obi device. When I did this, the VOIPo service was shown to be registered on the Obitalk console, and, when logged in to my VOIPo console, the Obi200 was shown to be connected as well.

All of this heartache could have been avoided had I gone through the Softphone/BYOD process to obtain my SIP password BEFORE disconnecting the VOIPo-furnished Grandstream device. So, please be advised.


I know this is a very old topic, but it's the only one that gave me my answer & I want to thank the OP very much. Even the standard message from Obitalk about Voipo being pre-configured didn't address the Voipo password issue.

In my case I already had a softphone set up in BYOD on Voipo so I had to disable it, then enable it again, in order to get the password emailed to me. I had to submit it twice in Obitalk, but then it went through. I also doublechecked that the Obihai 200 was listed as a connected device in Voipo.

I see that this has been viewed MANY times so I hope the OP's info and, perhaps my miniscule additional input, will be helpful to others.