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RealCalls.Com – UK VoIP Service that works with OBi

Started by RealCalls.Com, April 11, 2014, 11:30:01 PM

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RealCalls.Com has launched and provides a fully configured & UK localised OBi-110 for £39.95.

The pack includes £5 of calling credit, UK Power Supply, BT to RJ11 lead, RJ11 to BT converter plug and delivery.

If you already have an OBi110, get £10 of free calling credit by signing up online at and then send us an email with the OBi number of your OBi 110, and we'll convert the £39.95 purchase price to £50 of calling credit.

The service delivers excellent call quality at great rates and leverages all the OBi features.

Full details at


Their web site says that calls start at 1.5 p/min  but then shows several rates for 0.2p/min. So what is typo? Some of the rates are very unimpressive, like calling cell phones in NL for 12p/min-my my.


At least they keep their website updated regularly...
think it was just today there was a 2 pence connect charge:

"Calls are billed in 1 second increments with a 5p connection charge."

but calls are billed in 1 sec increments rounded up to the nearest penny
at the end of the call...  can't say that I've ever seen 1 second increments.

Note: Anyway, it doesn't affect me because I can't use them in the U.S.
 for local calls, but honestly -- They've Got A Pretty Decent Website, imo.


Hello Carl,

Thanks for the feedback.

We offer over 1,000 breakout rates, which is many more than most providers, and if you click Next on the "N" listing you will see that we change 4.3p for calls to DutchCellular phones on the following networks: KPN, O2/Telfort, Tele2, T-Mobile & Vodafone.  12p per min is a catch all rate for other, non listed networks.

Also, the 1.5p international rates have been rounded up to 2p on the website display, which we'll fix asap, but to be clear calls to most rates that are listed as 2p, are currently charged at 1.5p.





Do you offer inbound UK numbers? 01/02/03 ?
How much are they per month?

I already have a OBI 110, are you still offering £50 credit? How does that work?



I think sipgate UK still offer inbound numbers at no upfront cost, no monthly fee and no charge on incoming calls.  I've had three of their numbers for years and have only ever put money on one of them when I used to use it for outgoing calls.


Indeed they do, sign up here:

Once you complete the sign up process you will have to wait for sipgate to process your registration and that took them almost 24 hours the last time I signed up.
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