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New Obi110 UK User

Started by KevindUK, December 30, 2015, 09:15:13 AM

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Hello All,

I have been using Zoom 5800 for ages, old ATA by current standards and it finally gave up the ghost.
I looked around for a ATA which has PSTN Inbound/Outbound (FXO) and VoIP with multiple account support and custom dial-plan.
The Obi 110 was the only one which met these requirements and had a good support network with it.
Should be arriving in next few days, have downloaded latest firmware, UK XML settings, started writing dial plan.

Basically all 1xx/999/0800/0808 should go via PSTN
I have LocalPhone for 01/02/03 + all other international except Greece
Other provider 07x
3rd Provider for 00302x (greece land)
4th Provider for 00306x (greece mob)

So need to do one at a time to get right.

Happy New Year to you all.


Welcome from another UK user of a 110.

The 110 will serve you well but you may not be aware that that it only has slots for 2 VoIP Service Providers. (In addition to the PSTN line and the Obitalk network.)

I also use LocalPhone and have configured that on a Voice Gateway.  Voice Gateways can be used with Service Providers who do not require SIP registration.  Outgoing calls only of course.

I currently have some FreedomPop SIMs on the 200 minutes per month no-charge plan.  It isn't difficult to extract the SIP credentials and use them on an OBi Voice Gateway.  :)



OK so it arrived.
Plugged in and can receive calls on the PSTN but cannot make outgoing using **8 01xxxxxxx - just gives continous tone.

I configured Dial123 on SP1 and LocalPhone on SP2.

SP1 makes outgoing calls OK.
SP2 does not work, using **2 01xxxxxx it dials 1 time on my end and disconnects, other party rings many times, when they pickup is silent and then disconnect tone.
I am charged in LocalPhone History for a connected call.

I have used XML UK settings from WelshPauls forum.

I think it is something to do with LocalPhone and OBI, as LocalPhone on my GrandStream GXP2020 works fine.

Anyone got LocalPhone SIP running and calling UK numbers.

I have also factory reset, uploaded XML then just config LP on SP1 only, still same problem.



1. PSTN.  Log in locally to your 110 and have a look at Call History. That will show what digits were sent out on the PSTN line.

2. I've been using Localphone for outgoing national UK and international calls for two years without problem. I have on it a Voice Gateway but can't think of any reason why  one of the SP slots would not work just as well.


I use localphone in the UK from an Obi200 as a registered ITSP on SP3 without issues.

I agree with drgeoff, log on locally to the Obi and check the call history. Also try making a call while checking the Call Status page locally ( keep refreshing it) to see what it says as it may contain a clue as to why things aren't working out.



As per my other post, spoke to support at LocalPhone (got back to me in 18 hours) with *1688 fix.

But I am looking for a new VoIP provider, I would like to get peoples opinions on my requirements.

I am UK Based, have SKY Phone Line (PSTN) Sky Basic Calls only 0800/0808, want to use my inbound number hence I purchased Obi110.
I call Greece Landline +302 and Greece Mobiles +306 regularly.
I want a UK 03 inbound/outbound for my office VoIP (Grandstream GXP2020).
I would like 3 Extensions: Office, House, Mobile/ZoIPer which can call each other for free.
Monthly packages for UK 01/02/03 outbound and/or Greece +30 would be good.
Want good quality calls, Dial123 quality not great, LocalPhone to Greece is patchy.

Want to spend less than SKY; they charge £12 month for UK+International calls.

Currently using LocalPhone with 3 ext for UK in/out and Dial123 for Greece Out. As only 2 SP on the Obi110.