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Circle of Trust - but to only specific Obi Devices

Started by timinnc, June 23, 2011, 03:03:21 PM

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Is there a way to add trusted callers to only 1 obi device so that the attendant would pick up for that number, but not if they call the other obi devices?  I actually have 3 Obi devices under my account, 2 at home, and 1 in Germany.

My scenario is this. I'd like to make it where if my wife calls the home number from her cell phone she doesn't have to be hassled with the obi attendant prompt each time. But if she calls our second Obi device it would give her the prompts and from there she could dial the secondary voip setup, etc.

From what I could tell, once you add a trusted number it applies to all Obi devices.  The only workaround I can see is perhaps setting up a separate account?

Thank you,



since all of your devices are in the same account Obitalk applies the circle of trust to all of them.

You can edit the call route for your home Obi to remove her cell number or direct it away from the AA.

If she calling your home Obi's 9 digit Obitalk number from an app, edit the Obitalk Services -> InboundCallRoute

If she is calling a number set up on one of your SP prividers then edit the InboundCallRoute for that service.

If you post the call route for the appropriate service we can direct you on the exact editing.