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Ordered an Obi110 from 888VOIP

Started by jonslater, February 05, 2011, 09:19:05 PM

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A couple days ago, I ordered an Obi110 from 888VOIP for $49.95 and ground shipping was calulated at $14.76 to Canada..... When I went to check out my shopping cart it automatically billed my CC for $133.49 for shipping for grand total of $183 US Dollars for one Obi110 unit. It didn't even show the total before they charged the amount to my CC. I called 888VOIP and immediately cancelled my order and told them they need to hire someone who knows how to make a simple shopping cart. OMG... I dont want to purchase anything from this company cause it seems shady if they can just bill you without confirmation. I need an Obi110 unit to test. Amazon will not ship to Canada, please make a few units show up on ebay so I can purchase without worring about being ripped off a website. Please MSG where I can get an Obi110?
Thanks :)


Yeah, same thing happened to me. Why couldn't we simply buy it on, or I can't wait to buy one, else i'm gonna buy an old PAP2T for my ATA :( Damn Canada!


I paid $22.80 for shipping 2 units to Montreal. It must be a mistake. Give 888Voip a call.

Don't forget you get zapped with taxes (GST+QST, or HST) and broker fees at your door. Use ground shipping, FedEx charges about $50 for customs, ground costs about $25. You can not avoid the GST. Delivery times is not much different.
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