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Amazon and 888Voip No Longer Sell OBi110?

Started by PortableTech, February 04, 2011, 11:34:15 AM

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I have been getting a few friends to purchase this item and it appears that today it is no longer being sold by Amazon or 888Voip.  Is this an inventory issue or has some other issue occured?  Is there an alternate place they can purchase one from?

-- PortableTech


This is an inventory issue. This item is on the deal site forums for free voip using google voice and it likely in high demand. It was out of stock at Amazon yesterday but returned briefly this morning for purchase with an in stock date of Feb 6th.


I am also wondering when obi100 is available to purchase. Will 110 be discontinued when 100 is out?


OBi110:  In addition to the FXS (PHONE) port, it has an FXO (LINE) Port.
OBi100:  Has an FXS (PHONE) port only -- ETA March.

Both products are useful in their own right and have a long life ahead of them.

(Please keep checking Amazon for stock availability as new shipment quantities are are being checked in to inventory throughout the day ... and days ahead).

We noticed there are a lot of people watching this thread who are also watching Amazon for stock availability.



And the Third Party price at Amazon has reached $99.00!!

I knew I should have bought 16 of them when I could (grin).



Any update on availability?? After the Amazon-150 in the middle of the night the other day, we seem to have hit another dry spell. Thanks. The natives are restless.  ;D


The OBi110 will come back into stock soon. Please do not pay more than you need to or buy from unauthorized sellers. Thank you for your patience.

And for those of you who have been able to get a unit, thank you for your business, and we look forward to serving you!  Please share your OBi with your friends and loved ones.   :)


I emailed 888Voip about getting a quote for an obi110 or obi100 and here is the reply from 6 hours ago......

Hello Jon
Unfortunately we no longer carry the Obi, sorry for the inconvenience

Thank You
Paul Perrello
Account Manager
888-864-7786 ext 216
Direct 716-714-8022

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