OBi20x - Add support for provisioning protocol specification in DHCP string

Started by SamO, February 09, 2016, 12:16:23 PM

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Currently the OBi20x supports using option 66 from DHCP to retrieve settings via TFTP.  However, running TFTP has significant disadvantages over other protocols like HTTP or HTTPS. Please consider adding either or both of the following to the next firmware release:

  • Use DHCP option 166 (like other vendors do) for a URL string that specifies the protocol (e.g. "").  This value would take priority over the option 66 value.
  • Allow DHCP option 66 to include the protocol specifier - default to TFTP if no protocol is specified.



Obihai doesn't read or take suggestions here on the forum.  If you are a service provider, contact Obihai directly to discuss your requirement.


I was about to ask what the purpose of the "Feature Requests" forum was if not to humbly suggest improvements but maybe what you're sarcastically saying, SteveInWA, is that Obi won't listen to suggestions and that my post was fruitless.

If this is really Obi's attitude, I'll look elsewhere for ATAs my company can use.



Generally, OBi devices support TFTP, HTTP and HTTPS based provisioning.  TR069/104 is also supported for service provider customers who are qualified.

If you mean to use DHCP option 66, but want to employ HTTP/S, then we suggest the config file served by the TFTP server contain a config that ultimately redirects the OBi to your preferred HTTP/S server.

Alternatively, you may purchase OBi device with Zero-Touch Customization -- one benefit being automatic synchronization with the provisioning server of your choice via HTTP/S.

OBi Device Provisioning Guide (link)