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VOIP.MS setup on SP2?

Started by Encino_Stan, June 26, 2011, 03:42:05 PM

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I am confused, maybe someone can explain.

I have google setup on SP1. I was trying to setup on sp2.

Under "Configure Voice Services","Service Provider 2" it shows Account, Service Not Configured.

I tried deleting and resetting with same results.

Then I deleted the gv settings under sp1 and setting sp1 to and it shows "Service Provider 1, Account, Connected".

So I deleted settings for sp1 and reset to sp2, and get "Service Provider 2, Account, Service Not Configured"

Is there an issue with setting the service to Service Provider 2?


Must have been either an issue with SIP ALG or double natting. Moved obi to be directly off ATT server instead of off of server behind server and all is well.