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Voicemail indicator, always on... ?

Started by 1arlenethomas, June 26, 2011, 11:20:03 PM

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Hi all,

We have just installed a new 110 with GV.   

Even if we archive all voice messages as "read,"  the voicemail indicator does not go off.  Highly annoying.

Any suggestions?



Assuming you have Google Voice as the only service provider and it's configured on SP1, verify you have the following settings in the OBi:

Voice Services -> SP1 service -> MWIEnable : (checked)
Voice Services -> SP1 service -> X_VMWIEnable : (checked)
Voice Services -> SP1 service -> MessageWaiting : (unchecked) (Default unchecked)

Do this by logging into the OBi directly at the IP address returned by dialing ***1.


Thank you very much!

Now... on to Caller ID "real names..."