Updating firmware will kill Obiplus firmware if Obiplus subscription expired

Started by Brisk, February 29, 2016, 08:54:02 AM

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I wasn't really using OBiPLUS for anything other than the extra AAs, which I found useful on the OBi202 for routing certain incoming calls to.

Edit: Updating firmware to killed OBiPLUS in my ATA, because my Obiplus subscription was expired in my Obitalk.com account. I have Obitalk service disabled in my OBi202.

I don't really care about OBiPLUS being gone, in general, but it would have been nice to know that updating firmware was going to kill the extra AAs.

Downgrading firmware doesn't help and restoring settings doesn't help.

I'm sure some people will want to post in support of Obihai having no requirement to continue supporting a service it doesn't want to support. Debating isn't going to help me, so I'm not interested. And, sure, it was stupid for me to update firmware. I can also do without personal attacks on that point, please. lol. I already know I'm stupid.

I would just appreciate being able to get the extra AAs back. If anyone has any idea how to go about doing that, I would appreciate knowing, but I'm probably out of luck. Thanks


I'm sorry this happened to you.  Unfortunately, Obihai has demonstrated multiple times that they don't care about users who use features they have inexplicably decided to remove.  When you don't have much competition, you can do what you want without caring about your customers.