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Novice - Cant stop Obi Attendant from intercepting PSTN inbound calls

Started by Tominct, February 04, 2011, 06:21:21 AM

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I confess  - I am a novice.  Just got the OBi110 and really like the ability to call out on G voice.  This has reduced conflict within the house over access to the PSTN line.  However, OBi has created a new problem.  It is intercepting inbound PSTN calls before we can answer and thereby preventing normal voice mail  function. My wife receives calls from clients on this line and they have no clue what the choices mean and  think our service is down.  Very bad for business.

I have turning off auto provisioning and tried to disable the auto attendant in the device web interface ( in my case).  I then tried to disable AA in 2 places - 1) setup wizard - inbound - pstn call route set to "default" ph.  (was set to aa) 2 ) voice services - auto attendant - deselect "enable". I then rebooted.  It seems to forget these settings when I reboot.  I thought it might be a conflict with the auto provisioning which is why I turned it off. 

I must be doing something wrong, missing the obvious because Obi attendant is still intercepting our inbound PSTN calls.   The only thing that seems to work is to unplug Obi from the PSTN line.  This defeats my ability to choose Gvoice of PSTN from the attached handset but it is the only rock solid fix I have found, which is to kill the function I bought.  I appreciate the technical manual, but I am in finance guy- not network tech and have taken this as far as 90 minutes will allow.  While I am sure the manual is technically precise but I am not getting it.   Need this dumbed down, step by step, please.


It appears that you have checked "Ignore Circle of Trust for new Calls", when you configured your device using the  OBiTALK configurator.   Checking this means it will allow any incoming PSTN calls to be answered by AutoAttendant.

The default is not checked.


Thank you,  this seems to solve my immediate problem. I cant remember why I changed that.  I think I did not understand the selection & what it represented so I turned it off believing it would avoid a technical complication.  Wrong, created one.  It is always something like that.    Next up is to figure out why I am not seeing caller ID translating to the obi attached handset and figure out why the other PSTN phones in the house ring long before the obi attached one.  Not sure why there is a delay, I will dig in over the weekend and see if I can answer my questions in the documents.  I really want to understand the basics of this device so I can recommend it to my friends (with my help, support & encouragment) - and foes (without help)   ;D  Tom -


It appears that you phone is unable to support a '+' in front of the 11 digit incoming callerID.
Please upgrade your firmware:


I updated my firmware as recommended and I now see callerid on the Google voice inbound calls, but PSTN line calls are still blank.  My ring delay was set to default of 5500, which ought to be plenty of time.  My house phones detect and decode callerid in no time so intuition says a cause other than delay is at play. I tried shortening ring delay on theory that 5500 might be too much time, but no change in result. I am going to reset to 5500 and see what develops.  I saw another person in my same situation.

When firmware updated the device configuration choices in the web interface also changed. very cool.

A little off topic, but is OBIHAI a public company?  I predict that you guys are going to kill in the market place (put Skype in hospice?)  so I would buy in a heartbeat if I could. 


Looks like you have similar issue as Northern.Bob with the PSTN line callerID not displaying:

Please send email to with your OBi number.  Support might be able to provide a new firmware to cure this issue.