[SOLVED] Both GV lines (on two 110 boxes) will not ring on inbound

Started by erkme73, March 19, 2016, 02:22:52 PM

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I have two OBi 110 boxes at home, one for my GV and one for my wife's GV.   I have a 202 with both GV lines in my RV, and another 202 in a vacation home.  All boxes use the same two GV lines.

Recently, I noticed that the two 110 boxes at home don't ring on either GV account for inbound calls.  They function fine for outbound.

I recall a couple years ago, before OBi and GV had their initial falling out, only one OBi box could be connected to the GV servers at a time - and only one would ring - though any number of them could be used for outgoing calls.

Is that still the case?  Do I need to unplug the boxes that I'm not currently using (i.e. the RV and vacation home) so that my home boxes will ring again?  

FWIW, I am on the latest firmware on all boxes.


Looks like I found my answer on the Google forums.  Turns out only the 20x models support multiple simultaneous devices on a single GV account.   So, unless someone knows how to overcome this limitation, I'm ditching my 110s in favor of a single 202.  Bummer.


Why is that a bummer?  If you really, really, really need to use all those boxes at once, you can forward one of the 202's inbound calls to the 110s, but it's not an ideal solution.  The 20x boxes have newer, more powerful processors with more features and better reliability (and a warranty, if you buy a new one), so you might as well upgrade if you need the service everywhere.