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Configure in Germany?

Started by nemecky, September 15, 2014, 02:08:40 AM

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I'm living in Germany and was wondering if the setup would be any different?

I have a google voice number, and I normally make/receive calls through gmail in a browser, and would love to have an actual handset. I'm only calling the US to talk to friends and family, so all of my calls are free.

If I have a handset from the US and the Obi device, it should work just the same as if I am in the states, right?



Yes you can use your Google Voice account with an OBi for outbound calling from Germany to the US - just dial the numbers in US dialling format.  The setup would be the same.  You can use a standard German analog handset with the OBi (Note ISDN handsets aren't support) if you don't want to get one sent from the US.

- Mark.
Obihai Technology (London, United Kingdom)


Hi MArk, thanks for the quick reply!

Ok, so I can just use a regular phone, that's great. When you say "analog", does that mean I can't use a digital cordless phone? Or are you referring to something else, like analog vs VOIP phone?

Which OBi device would work for a minimum viable setup?

Thanks again!


Hi Andy, by analog, I mean a phone that you would normally just plug into a standard (non-ISDN) telephone wall jack - so a digital cordless phone would work, assuming it has just a normal jack to connect to a traditional phone service.

All OBi devices support Google Voice, the entry level product being the OBi100. If you want to add any USB accessories such as WiFi or Bluetooth then I recommend the OBi200 or OBi202.

- Mark.
Obihai Technology (London, United Kingdom)



I just got my new OBi202 to replace my PAP2T, which became defective. The SPA configuration Dial plan in my old Linksys PAP2T was:
(<**:>[2-9]|11[0-2]<:@gw0>|<:030>[1-9]xx.|<0:0>[0-9]xxxx.|<#,:>x.|<0#,:>x.<:@gw0>) to be compatible with Deutsche Telekom in Germany.
How does this translate to a DigitMap string?
Or can I just copy this string into the DigitMap setting?
Do you happen to have a configuration file for Germany?
Thank you very much for any help that you may provide.


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No you cannot just copy that string into an OBi and expect it to work.  And OBis have more than one place  where such strings are entered.

You can help yourself by reading  The reference bible is onwards.