[Solved] Block "Restricted" Numbers

Started by bobpaul, May 17, 2016, 04:46:10 PM

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Sometimes when we get calls without Caller ID, they show as Unknown and the Obi202 does a great job of blocking those with the "Block Anonymous Callers" option.

But other times we get calls that show as "Restricted". Eg, the history shows:

Is there something I can put in my inbound route that would drop these calls? I tried adding |Restricted to my Telemarketers digit map, ie:(Restricted|2024219253) and calls from 2024219253 number are blocked, but calls from restricted are not.

My inbound route looks like:


The problem is one letter here:

Within digit maps  m, M, s, S, x, X are reserved characters with special meanings. Almost anything within normal parentheses ( ) is treated as a digit map. Solve the problem by putting the one letter or, to be sure, put them all within single quotes, which makes them into literals. This should work: