Obi/Google Voice disconnecting overnight

Started by since83, May 18, 2016, 04:36:22 AM

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Each of the past two nights my Obi 100/Google Voice service disconnects.  Two mornings ago I noticed that when I attempted to make calls, I got a message over the phone that said "there is no service available to complete your call".  An hour or two later, the message changed to "Google authentication error".  This morning, I again awoke to no service and the "Google authentication error".  On both days, to fix the problem, I simply reconfirmed my current SP1 Google account  through the Obitalk interface.  The Obi 100 then restarts and my connection is good.  The service has worked perfectly in the 16 months I have used it and I have not changed any google passwords recently (which I don't think matters anyway since I log in through/with Google+). There have been no changes to my home networking setup. Interestingly, my Anveo E911 service on SP2 has been fully active and connected throughout these events.  Any idea what is going on here?  Concerned I may have a hardware problem.



I don't think you have a hardware problem.  There is another thread where several 100/110 users' Google Voice service has gone offline.  My guess is that it will just magically fix itself soon.  So far, there are no reports of this happening to OBi 200/202/10x2 users.

Next time it happens, see if unplugging the power to the OBi, and plugging it back in again fixes it, just out of curiosity, since you didn't mention that you tried that...


Thanks Steve.  I did try rebooting (unplugging/replugging) the Obi 100, but that did not do anything.  I also tried rebooting the routers, etc. But that did not do the trick either.  In all cases, the power light on the Obi is solid green, the network activity light is occasionally blinking (as normal), but the phone light is off.  Yet, boom, when I reconfirm my Google account through Obitalk, on comes the light and the system works fine for hours.  Yes, I was expecting the service to come up on its own after a couple hours, but it really never did.  But now twice, on reconfirm of the Google account, the service is back up and running and the phone light is green.  Odd behavior, certainly.

Can you provide a link to that other thread you mention?


The other thread:

Ignore the comments by R_Chandra.

I have an old OBi 110 that wasn't in use; I am setting it up now with two of my GV test accounts to see if it fails.


Thanks again Steve - Yes, the thread you noted exactly describes what I have been experiencing as well.  Although I have yet to witness the system coming back on its own.


Thanks.  Would you please post again tomorrow, to let us know if this issue continues?


Same thing happened on my obi100 too yesterday. I was able to make it restore to connect status after sign into my google account again yesterday evening, but this morning it became Authentication error again.
What's going on here?


I have an Obi 100. it has worked perfectly for years, literally. This morning? Same issue. I upgraded the firmware yesterday. Now, backed off GV with an authentication error. Just came in here to see if there were others reporting the same issue.

I'll be watching this thread. Fortunately I have a 200 in a box, unopened, maybe today is the day. I do not like the fact this is unexplained though!! I have to wonder if it's correlated to the firmware update. hope it's not bricked, I've become attached to it! :)
have a great day.


My Obi110 is also doing what others describe...daily - after years of trouble free service.
(Oddly - my partner's Obi200 in the same room, on the same network is not disconnecting.)
No changes have been made on our network either.

Go ahead and call me paranoid, but:
This is the sort of thing that always strikes me as if someone - somewhere has dreamed up a clever way to annoy folks into buying NEW stuff...and of course I do hope I am wrong about that !!


Google finally starting to pull the plug from those still using the old authentication method?

I was under the impression that once GV is configured on an OBi device,  the Obitalk portal and servers play no part in GV calls. If correct,  hard to see how Obihai can be causing these reports.


Hmmm - What precisely do you mean the old authentication method?  Are you trying to say maybe we will have to go the two factor verification route with app passwords?  In any case, I know that after re-authenticating (logging-in), the system works for 12+ hours (and then disconnects overnight).  It seems odd that one could "authenticate" for that long period of time.  And why wouldn't a change in Google authentication affect Obi 200 users as well?  Not saying you are wrong - just curious.


Quote from: drgeoff on May 18, 2016, 08:41:37 AM
Google finally starting to pull the plug from those still using the old authentication method?

That was my first thought but if that were true it would be big news on BBR and so far only 1 report similar to those on this forum.

And it just doesn't make sense to me why this is only affecting OBi1xx devices. Not a single report (that I've seen) from someone with a 20x device or higher.


Quote from: vtsnaab on May 18, 2016, 08:19:05 AM

Go ahead and call me paranoid, but:
This is the sort of thing that always strikes me as if someone - somewhere has dreamed up a clever way to annoy folks into buying NEW stuff...and of course I do hope I am wrong about that !!

Since it seems to be affecting only 1xx devices it sure does make you wonder..........


If Google are starting with the longest standing accounts, that could explain only 1xx devices being affected at the moment. Just a thought.

Has anyone with a 1xx who has changed to Oauth2.0 had a reoccurence of their problem?


How does one know if they are using Oauth 2.0?  I hooked up my first Obi 100 device in January of 2015.  The associated google voice account is not much older.


This likely has nothing to do with the problem being talked about here, but for completeness, this morning, I discovered that when calling out on my primary GV line (which I pressed into regular telco service via an Asterisk server long before the terms OBiHAI and OATH2.0 ever entered our collective vocabularies) the audio was consistently one-way:  I could hear the party I called, but they could not hear me.  I switched over to GV line 2, which uses OATH2.0 on my OBi-202 and all was well.  (Both GV1 and GV2 terminate on my OBi-202 although, to the OBi, GV1 is just a SIP connection to Asterisk.)  After concluding the calls, I examined the OBi's Status page and everything looked good but test calls continued to fail.  I then (1) rebooted Asterisk and the problem persisted, and finally (2) rebooted the 202 and the problem resolved itself.

I don't recall having a problem with 1-way communications in the past, at least not since acquiring the OBi.  As I said, my problem today may be coincidental, or it may be another indication of some overarching GV problem.  Guess it will be interesting to see if it recurs.


This has absolutely, positively nothing whatsoever, not at all, in no way, uh-uh, to do with Google "pulling the plug".  Google has no idea what model of OBi you are using, nor how long you've been using it, nor do they care, as long as your device is using OAUTH 2.0 authentication.

If it had been one user reporting this, then it would have been the now-tiresome answer:  your OBi hasn't been updated in years, it's still using the old, pre-OAUTH authentication, and you need to upgrade firmware, reset the device and re-configure Google Voice on a SPx.

However, this is apparently happening to 100/110 models that are running current firmware and are using OAUTH authentication.

It looks like there's a problem with the OAUTH keys that are being generated for these models (a Obihai problem), and  nothing more.  I'm going to see what I can find out, but if any of you have a device under warranty, please open a ticket and point to this thread.


I reached out to my contacts at Obihai, and they're looking into this now.


Steve, I also have an ancient obi110 that has worked very well for years, and it suddenly stopped this afternoon, no calls in or out possible; I followed your instructions as per the link below

and although Obitalk let me delete the SP1 GV configuration (SP2 is an anveo account just for 911), I couldn't reconfigure SP1 - entered a circular hell where I keep clicking on the right buttons to go thru reconfiguration, but it just always brings me back to the Obitalk device config page, with the $10 message and completely unresponsive buttons (I've always set this up myself, this is driving me crazy).

Even if this is a glitch, when it's fixed I'll still be without phone service with my deleted SP1 and no apparent way to get it working again.  Can you suggest anything else to get my GV set up again?

Thank you in advance - your messages and instructions on this forum have solved most of my Obi problems in years past!


Last night, I took my old 110 out of storage and set it up with two Google Voice test accounts, which worked fine.

Today, the two accounts are still working, but the portal no longer allows me to configure the device at all.  Clicking the SP1 or SP2 links just circles back to the yellow message about needing a firmware upgrade, which is not the case.

We will just have to wait and see what Obihai says about it.  Speculation at this point would just be gossip.