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obi + ooma + port 443

Started by loan, July 10, 2011, 02:13:24 PM

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This issue has been driving me nuts.  First a brief background, and then what I think the issues are.  Hopefully you experts out there can help me in the right direction.  I've searched and have not found a similar issue.

Background (so that others can save time if they have similar issues):
After switching to Charter cable modem service, lots of problems.  It seems to relate to how charter handles DHCP.  I tried 6 different routers and 3 different cable modems, and the issue is that charter has very short IP leases, and when renewing IPs, almost all the current routers I had, dlink, linksys, trendnet, netgear, plus a dlink running dd-wrt--had problems renewing the ip address.  They all got Once the problem happens, even power cycling of both devices does not help unless one follows a very convoluted sequence of booting up the devices.  (just google charter dhcp renew issue and you will see).

However, 1 router, Verizon/Westell 7501 will get an IP almost immediately.  Even after simulating a power outage by turning both off and on at the same time, things will get back up and running (unlike any of the other routers above).  Please take my word that I've used a lot of different equipment w/ different providers, and this is the first time I've seen anything like this.

So, now if I don't want the internet going down all the time, I have to use this Westell/VZ router.  That leads me to the OBI problem.

Network setup:
Cable modem -->> VZwestell7501 port 1---->>obi 110  --- phone set1  (SIP1 = google voice/googletalk= default, sip2=callcentric)
                                              port 2 ---->>ooma hub --- phone set 2
                                              port 3---->>PC

ie, I have ooma and obi set up so that I can have 2 different, independent phone lines if you will.  (I am NOT connecting the ooma to then line port, just for clarification).  The 2 devices share a single internet connection through the same router though.

I started getting random disconnects when using the phone connected to the obi.
scenario 1: on the phone w/ obi connected phone, call waiting comes in
   a) answer cw-->>disconnects call1 and just get dial tone
   b) ignore cw --->> after a few rings, obi will disconnect call1 anyway

scenario 2: use obi phone to call ooma phone. no problem.

scenario 3: use ooma phone to call obi phone: PROBLEM: immediate loss/disconnection when obi phone answers.

scenario 4: use obi phone to call a number outside of my network, then make a call w/ ooma phone with obi phone still connected to other number.  no problem.

scenario 5: use ooma phone to call a 3rd number, try to make a call w/ obi phone:  PROBLEM: number rejected by service provider error 500.
  a) while connected w 3rd party w/ ooma phone, use obi phone to call, but now use SIP2 (ie not google). no problem.
  b) while connected w 3rd party w/ ooma phone, make call w/ google talk on computer. no problem.

scenario 6: call 3rd party w/ googletalk on pc, call another number w/ obi, no problem.

MY conclusion is that there is something odd with this router, PLUS there is some interaction between the ooma and googletalk on obi that is causing this issue.  Oddly enough, the other routers don't have this problem.

What I understand is that both OOMA and Googletalk use TCP ports 53 and 443. Apparently the combination above somehow confuses the router or obi and calls cannot be made.  It seems related to scen 1 and 2 above, but of that I'm less certain.

Because using googletalk on a pc does not seem to bother the obi, I blame the ooma.  But, because other routers don't cause this problem, I blame this router.  However, because the ooma doesn't seemed bother by anything here, I blame the obi.  See how confused I am?

Hopefully I have detailed enough information here that someone else can verify the issue exists and is repeatable outside of my network.  I suspect if it can be repeated that it is more generalized than just an ooma/westell issue and may have to do with how googletalk, obi, and port 443/53 interact.  In case a similar issue arrises with different equipment.