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OBi110 shows offline

Started by Casey, May 07, 2016, 01:21:58 PM

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My Google Voice connection with my OBi110 stopped working for some reason (I still have another provider configured and it works fine).  So I went to OBiTALK to try and address it.

However my device shows offline even though I just successfully manually updated the firmware and can make calls through the other voip provider.


I'd guess that your 110 was not using the new (since mid 2014) GV authorisation protocol.  That is necessary to use GV with current and recent firmwares. The pld method of typing in GV account name and password no longer work.

On these forums SteveInWA has posted comprehensive instructions for configuring GV.


Thank you for both replies.  Although the primary issue I had was that the device appeared offline, that seems to have corrected itself overnight.  I now have Google Voice and both running and it appears to be working fine.