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I need OBi to bridge my sp1 to sp2 without going to AA, is it posible?

Started by OBiLover, February 05, 2011, 04:24:40 PM

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I have 2 sp providers, sp1 is my incomming and sp2 my outgoing service, is working trough the AA feature. But I want to know if is posible to do like a DISA (freepbx feature) function where as soon as my incoming call gets in I'll have a dial tone from my sp2 provider.

Obi110 is the best ATA I ever have, thanks people!!!


This would be possible if the current FXO port was configurable to be used as either an FXO or an FXS for sp2. That would be the equivalent of having 2 of the upcoming Obi100 devices together and bridgeable.