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Obi202 no incoming calls coming through.

Started by leeleses, December 22, 2016, 04:44:58 AM

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*** I edited this post and left it here in case this helps anyone ***

*** I saw in the support FAQ's at the very top you MUST have Google Chat checked.  I had to check it on the phone tab and I think also the groups tab.  Once I re-checked it on the groups tab the phones are ringing through again.  Kudos to OBi support for having that at the top of FAQ !!!  While I was experimenting, I had unchecked the Google Chat settings, hence causing the issue. ***

I just installed this last night and it seemed to go flawlessly, and I've been poking around on the forum reading things too so I can learn in general.

When I first set it up, I plugged the house phones in and they were all ringing for incoming calls and some caller ID signals were coming through.

Then it stopped accepting incoming calls, no ringing and no caller ID.  In the software for Google Voice the incoming calls are coming through, but nothing through the Obi.

On the Obi GUI interface, it says "connected" and I have a dial tone and can make outgoing calls.  The call quality is excellent for outgoing calls.

From reading here, I power cycled the Obi202 as a start, and still no incoming calls coming through.

I picked over the settings in Google Voice too, all the forwarding is all turned off, I can't understand why no ringing on the house phones or any sign the calls are coming through.

The only phones connected are a cordless phone and a wired wall phone, and a few other phone jacks but nothing is connected to them, all in to the first phone port.  

Does anyone know if there's any issues with too many phones being plugged in with too much current draw or something like that?  Again, outgoing calls are flawless.

I hope there's a fix!