Context-aware one-touch voicemail access

Started by casm, January 11, 2017, 05:10:52 AM

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As an option under SP configuration I'd like to request context-aware one-touch voicemail access being made available.

What I mean by this: a key (soft key or otherwise) that a user can press once to be taken straight to voicemail for the SP in use.

The method it would use to access the VMB would be defined in the SP settings.  Three possible modes of doing this:

- SIP registration
- Callback (i.e., calling the number assigned to a specific SP)
- Custom (i.e., calling a number specified under the SP's configuration)

X_CheckVoiceMailNumber is already implemented under SP configuration; this might be able to be used for either the 'Custom' options.  'Callback' could be automatically filled in with the relevant number assigned to the SP if selected.