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does obi talk can be linked to an existing line of telephone exchange?

Started by alberto, January 24, 2017, 11:24:51 AM

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does obi talk can be linked to an existing line of telephone exchange?

I hould like to do this behavior:
BUILDING A: building with telephone exchange (number eg. 123456)
BUILDING A: building with just telephone  (number eg. 987654)

I would like to put a obitalk to a line of the telephone exchange on building A so that if an internal call is done will be forwarded to buidling B (via internet).

Do i need to buy 2 obitalk? Which model?

This can be done?

Any help will be appreciated

Thank you


Maybe a language problem but it is not 100% clear what you want to do.

You can use two OBi ATAs (Analogue Telephone Adaptors) to extend an analogue phone line over an IP network.  Making and receiving calls in both directions. The phone line from a public network telephone exchange or private exchange (PBX) needs to conform to the usual standards of about 48 volts dc, AC ringing and DTMF dialling.  Will not work if the exchange uses digital transmission on the wires (eg some PBX systems).

The OBi110 has a port that connects directly to an exchange line.  However that model is discontinued and has entered End-of-Life phase.  Newer models are the OBi200 and 202 but both require the additional OBiLINE accessory to provide the LINE port. The OBiLINE plugs in to the USB port of a 200 or 202.

The other ATA (which connects an analogue phone to an IP network) can be any of OBi100, 110, 200 or 202.  The OBi100 is also discontinued and EoLed.

More details of the various units