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OBi200 DigitMap

Started by 2Tall, February 21, 2017, 06:19:05 PM

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I'm trying to get rid of an extra second of delay before ringback is heard after placing a call using 10-digit dialing.  If I enter a # after the 10th digit is dialed, ringback is heard within one second or less.  If a # is not entered, it then takes 2 seconds before ringback is heard.  As an aside, I always dial before I go off-hook to place the call.

Originally it was about 3 seconds before ringback was heard.  I was using this digitmap;

Now, it is down to 2 seconds before ringback is heard using this digitmap;

Is it possible to eliminate that extra second of delay without screwing things up with the inter-digit timeouts?  Thanks.


The Phone Port DigitMap (not the SP trunk DigitMap) determines any delay. The last rule in the Phone DigitMap is "(Mpli)" and it includes all the rules in the Primary Line's DigitMap, so you have to look at both DigitMaps.

Assuming there is nothing in the Phone DigitMap that will cause a delay, the S0 suffix is not needed with your new DigitMap. The "xx." was causing the delay. When you dial a 9 or 10 digit number and it can potentially match another rule, there will be a 2 second delay.  With your 1st map, 9 or 10 digits can potentially match "xx." with additional numbers producing a 2 second delay. With your new map, they can't match another rule with additional digits producing a zero delay. Your provider will always introduce some delay.

There will be a 10 second delay when a number (international calls) only matches a rule ending with "x.". Because you're dialing the number before taking the phone off-hook you can use an "S1" suffix. You need some delay, otherwise the call will prematurely route after the 4th digit.

The colon is optional when only adding digits, so you can use "<1>".


Hello Robert:

Thank you for that very informative reply. 

My Phone Port uses the default digitmap ([1-9]x?*(Mpli)|[1-9]S9|[1-9][0-9]S9|911|**0|***|#|##|**70(Mli)|**8(Mbt)|**81(Mbt)|**82(Mbt2)|**1(Msp1)|**2(Msp2)|**3(Msp3)|**4(Msp4)|**9(Mpp)|(Mpli)).