Phone port dead on OBi100

Started by ewindes, July 28, 2011, 12:00:34 PM

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The phone port on my OBi100 died - I get no dial tone.  I've tried several phones with no luck.  The device worked for several months, and then it died with no warning.

I've opened a support ticket, but didn't get any response.  I'm not happy!  >:(


Obihai provides excellent support. If you sent in a support request to you will get a reply. Sometimes it takes a day or two.

In the mean time you may try restoring your Obi.

Insert a paper clip in the reset hole on the underside of the Obi until the unit resets, about 20 seconds.


I hope so!  I did try resetting the device.  The IP side seems OK - I can access the web interface.  But, the phone port still is dead.


Hello ewindes,
Thank you for contacting our support team (off-forum).
Obihai support will resolve your issue today.


Reported the problem by email, and an now in contact with the support people at OBi;  hopeful that they can help me resolve this!   :)


Interesting.  I have the same problem.  Will report the problem through support e-mail


Great support from the OBiTALK team - I'm back in business.  Thanks!


was wondering what the resolution was


I had the same problem and tried to send it to email support.  However, when it ask  for OBi, I assume it's the 9 digits OBi where I entered 300 18 052 but it wouldn't let me send the email.  Please help.


Could it be that 300 18 052 is only 8 digits?


Good catch.. darn that zero.  :)