Google Voice / Google Talk integration issue

Started by traumahound, July 29, 2011, 02:39:34 PM

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I have two GV accounts set up on SP1 & SP2, everything works perfectly except for one minor annoyance.

Now, when I go into GV setup and attempt to EDIT the setting of either Google Chat service I get the following error:

Invalid Google Talk email: original:  (at the top of the screen AND in bright pink)

I searched this forum as well as Google forums and there appears to be no solution.  However, this feature IS working on my other GV accounts that are not attached to OBI-110 adapter. 

I am actually using this for my business and need the phones to not ring at a certain time so this is most annoying.

Is there a work around or must the Gtalk account be used? Can some other email be used?



Are you signing into your google voice page with the same email address as your google chat (gmail)?


Yes, however I created a second email and logged in using that and the problem persists.  It still shows my gmail account as the primary email.

Thanks for your help.


I have no knowledge of this stuff, but with the new google, facebook auto sign in stuff, you may have to make sure that its using the correct sign in email, not sure how to make sure, even if it says primary. Might have to ask google support...