2nd phone port

Started by rpankoe, July 30, 2011, 09:56:09 AM

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I think this might be possible to do with a firmware update... can someone at Obi comment on this? 

It would be great if there could be a setting on the Obi110 that you could select what you wanted the Line port to be for.  Either the standard setting, or as a 2nd Phone port.  I believe that by updating the firmware, this feature could be added that would make it possible to select a check-box that would make the Line port into a 2nd Phone port and allow you to split SP1 and SP2 to each port.  That way 2-line devices could work with the two service accounts programmed in the device.  Any possibility that this could be an option in a future firmware release?


The LINE Port is an FXO port whereas the PHONE Port is an FXS port.  These are electrically different.

An FXO port does not provide battery or ring voltage.  These are expected to come from the central office.


Ok, so the physical hardware would not support such an update?  There's no way for the firmware to direct the voltage into the port only when the selection would be make to use the Line port as a phone port if it were written that way?


It's very likely the FXO port is hard-wired (physically and in the silicon) for FXO functionality only and the FXS port is hard-wired (physically and in the silicon) for FXS functionality only.


Noted this feature request. Multiple PHONE (FXS) ports will be supported in our feature generation products.