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"OUT OF AREA" in caller ID removed by OBI110?

Started by, July 30, 2011, 12:35:00 PM

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I just notice this because when I call my land line with my cell for some reason the caller ID on the landline is NOT showing the cell number.  With my home phone plugged into the PHONE port of the OBI, I only see the words "INCOMING CALL" displayed with NO NUMBERS.  However if I plug my home phone directly into the wall jack then I see "OUT OF AREA" displayed(still with no numbers).  Now I realize the caller id not displaying probably has something to do with the phone companies but how come there is a difference in what the caller ID is displaying with or without the call going through the OBI?  Any ideas?



CallerID information is sent between the first and second rings.  CallerID information has two separate components: number and name.

The OBi collects CallerID information, if available, from the LINE Port on an incoming call.  To do so, it has to wait for the second ring.  Once the OBi has collected any available CallerID information present with the incoming call and decides the call is supposed to be sent to the OBi PHONE Port, the OBi (not your telephone company) generates the ring voltage and CallerID information that's sent to the PHONE Port.

In the case of your telephone company, they apparently send a name of "Out of Area" when no number is present.  The OBi, on the other hand, apparently sends no name if no number is available when it rings the PHONE Port.

I think you'll find it's your phone that's displaying "Incoming Call" starting with the first ring because there's no CallerID information possible until the second ring is received.